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Monday, February 28, 2011

JT & the Giant Peach

This can relate to men or women, because from my experiences, I have seen it done by both genders. Imagine that you are sitting in the middle of a field. Let your imagination place you in whatever type of field you like. It can be summer and green, fall and golden, or it can be flat or rolling hills. But there you sit in the grass, legs crossed, just relaxing. You are feeling alone, you feel that there is one there. You begin to talk to God. You feel a hunger within you. 'God, if you would just give me something to eat, I could be content'. How many times in our lives have me made a prayer just like that one, only a different wish. We believe that if God is real, he will give us something to eat. It is funny how we feel disappointment when nothing is thrown our way. Funny how we sit in an empty field, by ourselves, and wonder why we go on hungry. But take that same situation, and place yourself instead at the base of a peachtree. How long do you think you will sit there before your prayer will be answered. It will only be a matter of time before you ask God to feed you, that a peach will fall into your lap. Is that God, or the laws of physics.

Moral- It is God. The point of that parable is to describe the reality of faith. Most of us, myself included, spend a good portion of our lives waiting for God to prove his existence before we believe in him. We are very quick to ask God for things, yet at the core of our beings still deny him. Put yourself in that situation. Would you thank someone who has not done anything for you, would you pay for services that are never rendered? Why do we draw a line in the sand and tell God that we need him to cross it before we believe. The simple solution is this, it is only when we truly believe, that God begins to reveal himself to us. The main point of the parable is this, we have to have an active faith. You cannot sit in an empty field, grow hungry, and expect God to materialize a peach out of thin air and provide it for you. This world was created with very specific laws, and something cannot be created from nothing. Now before you say, God can create something from nothing, yes, he can, why would he want to, who are you that God has to prove himself to you? In the terms of friendship, would you really care for, do for, and be a friend to someone who won't even look at you? Would you for someone who wouldn't speak to you? Would you for someone who even denied your existence? Why in the world, would you expect God to do that for you? The hunger is you wanting more out of life, the peach is your faith, and the peachtree is the church. How long will you sit in that empty field. JT

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