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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Hawk and the Dove

†     This is a true story about what happened at work many years ago.  It was around six or seven o'clock in the evening.  I was upstairs on the computer diligently studying for my LT exam that I took, I passed by the way, when the call came out over the intercom to come to the kitchen so we could decide about supper.  As I walked out onto the catwalk from the day-room I looked down and there at my feet was a dove.  There were feathers all over the place.  Now keep in mind that birds of all type come into our large bay at headquarters, so this was not an uncommon sight.  I wondered what happened to it, it was laying there on its back surrounded by its own feathers.  I figured that he had gotten in as many birds do and flew into the wall to its doom.  As I looked a little closer I could see that it was still breathing, well I'll be, its still alive.  While I was looking at him, or her to be politically correct, I heard a ruckus down in the bay.  We have a six door bay, three in the front and three in the back, only one of the doors was down.  At this door was an very large hawk, banging itself onto the door trying to get out.  I realized that this hawk had chased this dove into our bay, and what happened from there I will leave to your imagination, but you know the result as I have already told you.  So I step over the injured dove and immediately go downstairs to tell the rest of the crew that there is a hawk in the bay,as they would not want to miss something so cool.  One of the guys, lets call him Waterhead, because that is what we call him, went over to the door and opened it releasing the trapped hawk.  The closer he got to him the larger the bird looked, he was enormous, I believe he was a red shoulder hawk, a very beautiful bird of prey.  So we meander upstairs for me to show them the injured dove.  I am funny about birds so one of the other guys, lets call him Rookie, picked the bird up.  Now instead of twisting his neck and putting him in the trash I directed Rookie outside to see if the dove would sit in a tree, having not know the extent of its injuries.  Well,he wouldn't stay in the tree, so he set him on the ground.  We waited patiently by the bird having a meaningless conversation, probably about the exam we would be taking in two days, which I passed by the way, waiting on something to occur with this bird.  After about fifteen minutes the little dove stood up, bobbed his head, and took off flying doing that whistle that mourning doves do when they fly.  In that moment we felt really good about what we had done.  We agreed that if the hawk had gotten him that that is natures way, but it didn't, so we gave this bird another chance at life, maybe a little wiser from his, or her, experience.

Moral-  We are the dove, the hawk is the devilish sin that is always stalking us.  It can get close to us but it doesn't quite catch us.  And because we run away from sin and do whatever it takes to live a good clean life, God gives us another chance at life, a little wiser from our experience.  Everyday of your life God offers a lesson to be learned, here ends yours.    JT

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