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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Check your newsfeed and let me know when Jesus gets on Facebook

     I think I will have  a series of bloggables on here that all tie into the same theme.  Last week I wrote about telling the truth, and I think this week will be on being truthful to yourself, here goes....
     This has a lot to do with Facebook, lets face it, we are all on it, most of us anyway.  I see almost everyday a profession of faith, a verse, or a statement to God Himself as a status update.  But let me ask you this, is that what you TRULY believe, or is it what you want everyone to believe in you.  The internet is full of liars, myself included, that is the ultimate sin in us all, we all lie on the internet.  Now before you say, nay nay, not me JT.  Let me ask you, that picture you posted of yourself, is that what you really look like, or is that a five to ten year old picture of when you weren't quite so big.  Some people cannot even find a decent picture from five years ago, so they post their dog, cat, or children.  The point is, we portray ourselves on social media as what we want people to see us as, and on the internet, that is very easy.  The majority of our 'friends' don't live anywhere near us and can never disprove anything we say or show on the media.  So we spend a great deal of time and effort trying to deliver an image of ourselves that we want everyone to see, how we want to be seen, and isn't this a form of deception, i.e. a lie. 

     For the people who post prayers to God as a status update, have you not read your bible.  Now before you throw your bible at me, yes you can pray publicly if someone has asked for prayer, or you are in church.  But a random its just you and God type prayer, is that something to make a spectacle of, or is it something you want everyone to see you doing, the deception is, are you really praying to the Lord, or just want everyone to think you are praying to Him. 'But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.' Matthew 6:6.  Read about what Jesus did when he prayed, so few are there times in the bible where you see Jesus Christ praying publicly, most of the time, it says, Jesus went off to pray.  So I say, why the heck are you logging on to pray?  Be honest with yourself on that one.

     This one is for the verse posters.  I do not particularly think there is anything wrong with posting a verse from the Bible that moves you.  But my statement on that is this, why are you posting a Biblical verse on a social media site to the select few 'friends' you have chosen to be able to read your posts.  In other words, you are preaching to the choir are you not?  Would you take that same verse that 'moved' you, stand on a street corner, stop a stranger and quote the same verse to him or her?  How strong is your Faith now?  It is easy to preach to people that want to hear it, no one walks into the church for the donuts, they are there for the lesson, they want to hear it.  The friends you have chosen are mostly people who agree with you, because we all delete the ones that don't.  Can you honestly tell me that you could be so moved by a verse that you would quote it to a stranger?  Or, do you just want to seem righteous on Facebook?  Be honest with yourself on that one.

     Finally, for the ones who profess their faith as a post.  Here recently I read a post about how someone wanted to be more consumed with the things of God and less consumed by worldly things.  Yet, the first thing they had to do in this Sunday transformation, was check their newsfeed.  So often are we moved on a Sunday, but how seldom does that translate into a changed person on a Monday.  Most commonly, we all act like good Christians when we are around other good Christians.  So if we are truly moved by a sermon, and the Lord tells us to spend more time in the Bible, why is the first thing we do before we do that, or limit our time reading, to check in on what people are saying in social media.  So often people will turn away from the media realizing that they are consumed with it, only to return a month or so later because they realize they can't live without it.  Shouldn't it be your Faith in Jesus Christ that you can't live without, and if the spirit has moved you to leave a network, why do we barter with the Lord and talk Him into letting us return a month or so later.  If you are so moved by a Sunday service, why are you not out in the actual world trying to make a difference in someones life, if even it is your own, why are you sitting and looking at social media.  Your heart lies where your habits form, do you reach for the Bible, or the laptop most often?  Be honest with yourself on that one.

Facebook?  It is time to stop with all the deception, it is time to stop all the lies, if someone asks you how you are doing whether it be literally or on social media and you don't feel good, then tell them you feel like crap, put your real picture up on your page, and don't tell me how you are changed and be offended when I hold you accountable for acting the same, AND I DEMAND YOU DO THE SAME TO ME.  I fully appreciate the hypocrisy of this post, and I include myself in everything I have written, remember, when you point a finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you.  Lets keep it real folks, will you do it, repost this if you agree.

Could your faith be as strong as an Egyptian Christian?  When an armored vehicle comes barrelling down on you, would you jump out of the way, or die for your Faith?  Be honest with yourself on that one. 


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  1. I'm with you. I think an awful lot of people who say very "Christian" type things on the computer might jump ship if faced with real controversy.

    The thing that really bugs me is when people say that the good things they receive in their lives are a blessing from God. Don't get me wrong, it might well be but on the other hand, there's the implication that if your life isn't going well then you AREN'T blessed by God. I really worry about what kind of message that sends to those who are searching. Plus, crappy things happen to me all the time and I know God loves me so explain that!