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Monday, August 29, 2011

Sing with me, 'that's why I'm Eeeeeeaaaasaaaaayyyyy, I'm easy like Sunday Morning!'

     So please don't get on to me about there being a lack of postings here, inspiration is not like perspiration, I don't just drip with this stuff just because I am hot.  I always feel that if I sit and force myself to come up with something spiritual and clever it will seem petty and forced, but enough about that.....
     There are times in our lives where we look upon ourselves and wonder how some have it so easy and some have it so difficult.  I myself asked the question at a forum at our church, how am I supposed to placate the naysayers when asked the biggest little question in life, why?  If there is a God above why is there suffering, why isn't there peace, why does he let little children be abused and die?  In religious circles we always can appease ourselves with, because it is the will of the Lord.  But for someone who does not know God or has a weakened Faith, this answer not only does not satisfy, it insults.  The answer I got in front of a large group of church goers was,  I dunno, its the will of the Lord, which is about as satisfying as a glass of water when you are hungry.

     So, in much thought and conversation about this subject, I have come to one conlcusion about the Why of the matter, and it is simple, I dunno.  But what I did come up with was this, and let me share it with you......

     There is  a scene in the chic flick A league of their own when Dotty is going to return home with her husband home from the war.  When the coach, Tom Hanks, asks her why she is quitting her explanation is that, 'it just got too hard'.  That is when he utters a classic line that I have based my life off of, he says, ' it's supposed to be hard, if it wasn't hard everyone would do's the Hard.....that makes it great'. 

     So is life supposed to be easy, look at the natural world, do you think the wild animals feel like life is easy.  And look at it this way, when you take a wild animal and place it in a zoo and give them the easy life, do they look happy?  So when we look at those supposed folks who have the easy life, look at them as if they are animals in a cage, are they really happy, or just on display for all to see? 

     From a biblical standpoint lets look at our Lord and Saviour.  When Jesus opted to die for us, did he do it right away, before you answer that, look at it like this.  When he was chastised, could he not have died right then and there?  Why didn't he?  There are people who die in fights from just one punch, yet he was beaten repeatedly, to the point of death, and he did not die.  He was then made to carry his ultimate torture device to the place of his demise, far away.  After being beaten, do you think that was an easy walk for Him?  How many of us would have just fell to the ground and died before we could get there.  Let us remember that Jesus spent most of His time during his Gospel period running for His life, this after growing up poor in a poor country.

     At any given time and at any given place Jesus Christ who was God in the flesh the two in one who became three in one, could have at any time, made His life very easy, couldn't He?  But he didn't, why, because if it was easy everyone would do it, and its the hard that makes Him Great.  JT

We live lives trying very hard not to rock the boat, during His life Jesus slept during the storms, and not only rocked the boat, he got out of the boat all together.

I am posting this unedited and as I typed it

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